Love is in the air today! After spending a whole day making rose beads, the smell has seeped into my pores and every breath is filled with roses. The beads are drying and as they do there is maroon colored imprint left on the waxed paper, even though the beads themselves are black. I guess they are dark red, and I think of blood and passion, of beauty and lust. Couple that with the completion of a love song, and love is in the air! This one was almost complete but needed...something....turns out all it needed was a f minor chord! And a few bars of wordless singing while the notes dance with the voice. Hurray! Happiness.

As the seed borne on the wind
Carries all its truth within
Yet it blooms not in its search
For its fragrant piece of earth

So I never saw the wild bird of paradise
Resplendant to its beauty
I wake because of you

Though the roots within the dark earth
Know nothing of the sun
Yet they open to its gifts
How in waking to become

So I never saw the wild bird of paradise
Replendant to its beauty
I wake because of you

It is cold outside, sharp and frozen, but inside there is a warmth that goes beyond the idea of central heating. I feel red, I feel passion, and my heart feels open to whatever is coming my way. I feel passionate about life, and really isn't that what it's all about? All that because of a few rose petals and a song.



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