I know, I know that was SO cliche, but I just can't help myself. I have mentioned before that my life consists of a series of songs haven't I? At any given moment there is a song running in my brain, complete with real lyrics or if not, lyrics that I happen to make up at the time. I did mention that I am no poet, so these made-up lyrics tend towards the inane, but I like to give voice to the song regardless hehe. 

Today! In a couple of hours! The house is clean (clean is a relative term you know), my bags are packed, my voice has been used for copious amounts of practicing and I am very very close to having a shower ~laugh~. It is pouring rain here, there was practically a monsoon last night, just sheets of it coming down, so loud on every window that I felt as if the house were in the middle of a roaring river. A comforting sound really. It's supposed to be hot in Toronto, which probably means stupid hot, the kind where you want to peel of your clothing and lie in a frozen air conditioned room, on a bed with crisp sheets and NO comforter. The kind where you feel like you need to fan yourself and your face always has that "it's way to freaking humid here" sheen. The kind that curls straight hair, but not mine...no curl in my hair, much to my mothers chagrin. Oh the humidity ~laugh~. Still, it will be nice to actually see the sun for a change. The gloom is in full force here today. 

But nothing can dampen my mood! ~singing~ I'm leaving on a Jet plane ~end singing~. More pictures next post. I just don't know if the airport has wireless, so thought I would post pre-airport. Oo...maybe some lyrics later on too...after all, this is about the music right? ~laugh~

I am SO excited!



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