It is out of my hands. All the graphics and files have been sent to Duplium, and now I just wait. Wait to have something concrete in my hands, something that represents a year worth of work. Something that I hope will help propel me along on this journey of music. I thought I would have it...oh, a month a ago, but all good things take time. The best part is that it is 100% recycled. What a pain that was! But it is so worth it, to make the right choice rather than the easy one. And after weeks of one hassle after another, from issues uploading to issues with the recycled paper, I feel....tired. ~laugh~ Oh am I tired. I totally get why all those princesses in the fairy tales slept for a hundred years, they were bloody tired! I bet they asked that witch to give them some time to themselves already and were thankful for a hundred year sleep. I feel like I could sleep for...well, a week anyway. Of course there is exhilaration that mingles within the tiredness, a blurry edge that seems to pulse and awaken at random times during the day. It is a good feeling despite feeling tired. I have worked really hard on this, so to feel tired near its completion seems pretty normal and it feel accomplished.

I tread the forests of your eyes
The wild paths within
Dappled sunlight moves us in circles
Gravity of a sigh

Amber lit by a thousand suns
Drops of luminous time
I know why the aspen trembles
The leaves alight to your smile

Heartwood holds
Safe my frailty
In your forest eyes



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