No, no it is not. Not when you have to change your cell plan, print out music, practice, arrange childcare, write a newsletter and paint and decorate your daughter's room because you promised you would do it. Yes, I am in full crazy mode ~laugh~ But a week! Only a week away, and I get to step on that plane. Yea! You know, I get a little emotionally attached to my songs, so it's hard to decide which are the best for the album. That was very clear to me today when talking to Doug (producer) when he brought to the table an idea. A very good idea, and a very generous idea from him. Can't tell you what yet...aren't I frustrating?! But I balked for a second thinking "but that song has to be on the album" ~laugh~ I collect music in my arms, holding it close to my being, to call it a child, no it's not really like a child to me. It's more like a piece of my soul, that is how tightly I want to hold my music to me. My children, they are their own entities, I want them to find themselves, I want them to discover freedom and value it. My music, each note is a carefully set piece of glass within the mosaic of my soul. So ya, emotionally attached. But I guess I want to see what comes of each and every song, what could be, the endless possibilities of expression within a singular thought. Next week is going to be so good.

I am staying with a friend that I connected with this year, but before that hadn't seen for 15 years. 15! YIKES! We used to tour in the fiddlers together and laughed a lot. God, I should find a picture and put it up..yup that is what I am going to do, find a picture and put it up...I am not sure you are ready for the hideous shirt I am wearing in it ~laugh~. I am, over the moon to stay with her.



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