Yes, that was had to be there ~laugh~ IBM was the culprit behind the wireless issues. Now that IBM is gone, wireless is my happy friend.

God, I had the greatest day! Was up WAY too early, but managed my way through the Toronto bus and subway system. Walked the rest of the way, by row upon row of houses all with roses in bloom. The air was sweet with their scent, carrying this fresh greenness within, that colored the beginnings of my day. Everyone has roses, white ones, red ones and huge pink open ones, the petals delicate in the morning sun, like a freshly washed face. Along the way I was thinking about the memories we make and those small scents and sounds that act as keys to our own minds. So often all that is left of an event is a trailing scent that lingers in our minds, or a song that has been encoded with our own deep feelings to be dug up like buried treasure, on some unassuming day. Do we journal and create these recordings to be just leave a piece of ourselves..or to somehow attach the moments to a falliable marker for ourselves? I don't know, but as I walked I knew that the scent of roses on a soft June morning, would always bring me back to my this work I am doing in Toronto. Not so much the fun.

Doug took me out to breakfast and then we walked around the park, down to see the geese on the water, and I could smell faintly Maydays...couldn't see them. Finally it was time to get down to the business of music :) Heartwood was first, and all the textures that were being created, the layers, really did remind of the way that fluff hangs in the solstice air, suspended in time almost. The still of now and always...

Amber lit by a thousand suns
Drops of luminous time
I know why the aspen trembles 
The leaves alight to your smile

We sung outside the booth today, in the main area of the studio. I felt so much more comfortable in my own skin this time. I felt confident and it wasn't as hard to hear the constructive criticism. I know I have does everyone else. We all just try our best to create something of beauty. To live in that moment and to express that moment. Sometimes we succeed, sometimes we fail, but I am not alone in my success or failures. I feel comfortable in myself, my voice felt strong. As I listened back, I felt amazed that it has grown. Always work to do, always more to improve, but it felt like an old friend to me, the kind that you can always find solace in. 

Still is the now of always

Hurricane was more difficult, which has to be, it is a more difficult song to sing and the subject matter is intense, melancholy, angry, sad and desolate all at the same time. 

Caught in your eyes
Their dark restless seas
Take possession of me

Very hard to put all that nuance into the song, to create the story of it, to let my own vulnerablity show through, to offer myself to the song. Very difficult. Today, was a start...tomorrow more...

The best part though was Doug saying while we listened back "your voice sounds so great". Felt really really good to hear that. Made everything else feel constructive.

Subway back to the homebase and we all go out for dinner..Italian. So so yummy. A caraf of wine later, we are happy walking down to the lake, feeling..well...tipsy to say the least. The maples, I walked by the maples. They weren't red, and I have always wanted to see the maples when they turn, but still, they were so lovely, majestic and felt so good. Check out this sign...I laughed when I saw it. 

Fi and I, it's like no time has passed at all. We laughed and laughed an laughed until I was crying. There is nothing like laughing and wine to make you want to go and lie on the Alberta stone ~laugh~



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