I give into the snow, as it flies by my window scarce a day before May. I sit on the edge of futility, and rest my head within the drifts that fly into the sun, a contradiction that does not escape me. Yes, the afternoon sits on my shoulder in sun drenched prisms, though I watched flurries, fat as newly budded flowers, driving to the ground just moments before. Spring is but a hope, and I cannot bear to look at the brown landscape any longer. So I gaze upward into the seething clouds and the huge Alberta sky which never seems to grow old to me. It is always awe as I look up and let my vision succumb to such wild beauty. 

Tomorrow I am in Edmonton, a girly weekend with an added performance at the Bonnie Doon Community Hall for the Women Gathering Event. It has changed venue a few times, but this is the final one! I am not sure I have changed it on all my sites...trying to find time to do all that needs to be done. Still I thought I should mention it as I would love to see people coming out. My bag is almost packed and my keyboard is itching to be taken down and lovingly placed in it's case. 

I am probably going to be on BT (on City TV) in Calgary on May 6th, but will have more details early next week. I am super stoked about it. Live TV....and on a major television station...O.M.G. Feels big...



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