I know I can't for long hehe. I have been so very fortunate on this journey to meet the nicest people, with such talent. I have come a long way from my intrepid beginnings into song, walking upon that proverbial thorned path, to the now which is just blooming roses! That picture, was from this morning, when Frank Horvat and I rehearsed for our concert tonight. It's refreshing to be reminded that talented people CAN also be sweet and kind. The sound was perfect in that space, not overwhelmingly large and not lifeless, but rounded and almost quaint. Although quaint is usually a word that is reserved as an insult not-so-cleverly hidden as a compliment ~laugh~. Quaint...I mean artful, present in a unique way. Not in your face, but not a wall flower either. To hear a masterful pianist embellishing the voice, moving new thoughts and patterns into this music that poured forth from my heart...was, well, pure pleasure. In particular, I could have lived in 'The Juniper' forever. 

I have been thinking a lot today about the thanks I owe for the upcoming CD. People who just give so much of themselves, spirits open with giving. How fortunate I am in them. I can be such a sap at times, but there is such a thing as good sappy. I don't honestly know how I come off to other people, I am generally pretty energetic and quirky, but I think the sappiness isn't always immediate (unless you get me in one of my crying moments...which is very possible). That veil between showing my emotion and not, is pretty transparent and thin in me. It's all there on my glass face, in my already overflowing eyes. Never been able to hold things inside. Still I think it's a bit of a shock to people, that I am completely emotional ~laugh~

Tonight, is going to be great. I am hoping to see you all there....




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