Such thick heat today, the kind that wraps it's strong legs around, smothering. Even in my music room, where the air is usually crisp, raising little goosebumps on my arms, the air was viscous, difficult to breath, pressing on the skin, a leading hand. Normally I play with the window closed, I like to hold the notes to myself, to close my eyes and let go. To not worry about impressions of others so much as the feeling it creates within me. Today though the fever of the day made the room small, so I opened the window, and felt....nothing. ~laugh~ No breeze to soften the air, no thin trickle to cool the small of my back. Nothing. So hot. Still, the pleasure of playing was not to be denied as I got down to the grittiness of practicing. Focus while practicing has always been a problem for me...often my thoughts start to wander through the tangents and angles of words and feelings, through notes and idea. Usually I let myself follow, but when I have a gig coming, I have to force them back, which sometimes feels as difficult as threading the smallest of needles with groggy hands. Today the time passed as quickly as sand running through my fingers. 

Now the sun sets red, a smoldering god in the west, as potent as Ra, as it hovers in the cradle of twilight. The house holds the memory of the day, hot and oppressive while the earth lets such memories evaporate into the night. I can't get over that sun, as red as a desert deity. I feel as if I could see the pyramids shimmering in and out of the mountains, a thought that is foreign to me, the mountains usually a symbol of cold, always cooler than the city. 

I am singing at the Mustard Seed on Friday for their Arts and Community Night. Joining me, is the always fabulous and talented Calgary duo, Laws of Attraction. Music starts at 6:00 at the Seed on 102 11 Ave SE. I hope you will consider coming, to break down the barriers of homelessness.



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