Did I mention that we were shooting a video? Orpheus and Eurydice, a story that I cannot seem to get over, is going to be video. YEA! What can I say, but that I am excited to the extreme that 'Eurydice' is going to be a video. I am so amazed at how many fantastic people are donating their time and energy to the project. So fun! The whole script is a modern retelling of the story in which Orpheus is a rock star and Eurydice dies of a drug overdose (how's THAT for a snake?).

Now before I get ahead of myself, perhaps a recap is in order. The original tale goes something like this (or you can check out my video blog on Eurydice in the video section of the website....

Orpheus was considered the most talented musician of the ancient world. His songs could stop the wind blowing and stun the gods into silence. He married his love, Eurydice, and on their wedding day she was bitten by a snake and died. To the ancient Greeks all dead spirits went to the underworld and where in the underworld you went was determined by the kind of life you lived. The Greeks believed that there were entrances to the underworld on the mortal realm, caves and such, but that mortals could not go to the underworld as it was guarded. Orpheus was devastated by the loss of his beloved Eurydice, so he went to went to get her back. He charmed his way across the river Styx with his music. He lulled the 3 headed guard dog, Cerberus, to sleep and stood in front of the God of the underworld, Hades and his wife Persephone and made his plea by playing a song that made even the bloodless spirits weep. Hades, though it had never been done before, was so moved by his song, that he agreed to let him take Eurydice back on one condition. He was to walk in front of her and never look back, he had to walk on faith alone. He walked through the silent caverns of the dead towards life, hopeing she was behind him. He walked and walked and as he came out into the sun of mortality, he felt as if she were out too. He turned and looked back and she wasn't quite out of the underworld. She died again and was lost to Orpheus forever.

The modern retelling....

Orpheus is a rock star and Eurydice his wife. Even though they are both clean, she was at one time a drug addict and is tempted into one last high. She overdoses and Orpheus finds her and is devastated and vows to follow and find her. He shoots up and overdoses. They are found by the Stage Manager and at this point the video splits into two parts. Orpheus in the underworld trying to find Eurydice and the EMT/Hospital staff desperately trying to revive both Orpheus and Eurydice. All characters in the underworld are in the real world too....example: Charon, the ferry man on the river Styx is also the ambulance driver. Hades and Persephone are also doctors. Etc. Eventually he comes out of his coma and Eurydice flatlines. 

I am pretty stoked about it...it's dark, but the story was dark to begin with. The first scenes we are doing are of Charon, the ferry man and Orpheus getting into the boat. I will post a storyboard a little later. We have the boat, we have our Orpheus and Charon and we are heading to Ghost Lake (only somewhat apropos n'est pas?) on Sunday to shoot this. eeeeee! Pictures to come....





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