~laugh~ Yes, that is the title of this blog. We went out for breakfast yesterday and THAT was on the menu. I was afraid, very afraid ~laugh~ And then Fi, Derek and I walked on the streets a bit, and found some more monkeys! ~laugh~ I just love the inner city, it's so vibrant and full of life and culture. The energy was high but laid back and I just wanted to absorb it all, come home with the colors of Toronto painted on me. 

Yesterday was amazing. Riding on the streetcar, I looked down and saw all these little white flowers growing between the tracks, so precocious and tenacious were they. I love seeing that sort of thing...the tree growing from the cliff, the flowers poking through the cement with a will that cannot be denied and yet so fragile. Is it the determination that I find beautiful or their frailty? Or is it just the contrast between the organic and the stark? 

I met up with Frank Horvat, in person and we rehearsed for a bit. What a great guy! I can't wait for the concert on Friday. As we rehearsed the rain came down in buckets again, while lightening flashed in the sky. I am awed by the rain, wanted to stand beneath it, feel it's cool ribbons on my face. 

The day ended in the studio, in that exact booth, singing my songs. It felt, just amazing. I worked hard but it felt almost effortless, with Doug directing the sound, helping me to create the space these songs inhabit. Only a few takes of each, with a couple of punch ins. Madron Well, Eurydice and Heartwood. Eurydice is by far the hardest of those, and we worked the longest on it, trying to create the nuance, trying to express that deep grief of the story. I could have stayed longer and sung. Sung and sung and sung, all these songs that have moved through me, that have occupied my mind for so long. How far I have come in the last 2 years. It was hard to come home when we had just started in on the vocals, hard to leave that focus to scatter myself again until July. I would have dearly loved to have finished the vocals for the last two songs, but I am grateful for the time I have had, and will content myself to have an extra month to practice Hurricane.



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