I wish everyone could have seen the sky this morning here. The east, brushed fiery pink streaked with purple, the color so intense that it literally stunned me for a moment. The morning must continue though, though I was loathe to leave, but to the west are the huge arching clouds of the chinook arch, a towering inverted bowl of clouds, smeared at the bottom with magenta charcoal, as deep and rich as an oil pastel painting. The mountains framed beneath by such translucent teal that I could swear the shallow sea was moving within it. And I just stand and stare, while people walk by, unaware. I feel as if I am outside of time, as everyone moves by as if by routine. Talking within the busy oblivion, while I am nudging the kids, saying "look...look". Someone is talking to me, but the words feel far away as the cathedral of the sky shifts and undulates and I am awe-struck. Alberta has, what feels like, an immense sky, it feels all encompassing. I have never been anywhere else where the sky feels so open and wide. This morning, I wanted to just erase all the houses and cars, the insignificant lights of the city and bask within such freedom.  Gods it was beautiful.



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