Perhaps you have noticed a few changes on my blogger site...heh. Well, I am paring it all down so that it can be embedded into my website, which I am currently working on. So while here it looks ~yawn~ oh-so-blah, on my webpage, it is goign to be fan-flipping-tastic. I don't have any graphics yet, which is why currently it is the most basic and boring white. Blech. Within a month or so, I should have the website complete and up.

Some days I enjoy being a passenger, putting my hands on the cool glass of the window and seeing all the things I don't get to see while driving. My mind wanders, and I am struck by small, almost meanless moments, but ones that bring up feelings of awe or connection within me. Always when the snow sits so thickly on the ground, the deep blue shadows of trees and the shifting dunes of winter's form strike me, as if the waves of such beauty are washing over me, synchronizing within the very molecules of my body. The wind was playing tricks today, blowing the delicate crystals of very fine snow, almost a mist, off of the roofs of buildings. The way it all sparkled in the sun was magical, like a rain of diamond dust, soft against my face, and I cannot help but turn my hands upward and feel it all melting into my skin. And it feels as if I am absorbing the light of that moment, joy radiating out. 

The string tracks have been laid, and in just a few days I will be in Toronto finishing this CD. I am so excited to hear the final project, but it is not without a small amount of trepidation that I complete this last leg and move forward into the pressing. The creative part, is almost done. Now, for the real work...the promotion, the gigging...and all the work that goes into getting my music out into the world. Working on the CD feels almost insular, a feeling that I enjoy. I feel as if it is cocooned within my little world, sheltered within me. Now it goes out to be reviewed and deemed worthy or not. Plus with all the financial support I have received, I feel pressure to do right by their belief in me.



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