The candles flicker as I set my pen to paper. Words flowing, swirling in dark eddies, filling my page with images, scents, feelings. The music ebbs and it flows as if on its own tidal rhythm, sighing into the shore of my mind, long tendriled waves only to exhale back into the well once again. Sometimes I feel as if I don't write enough, other times I am content within these cycles, letting them come and go as they please. 

Today I feel replete, after weeks within which I was drained to the point of exhaustion. Now the words are but apples in a tree, ready to be plucked, whenever I have the time to actually sit down and write. Of course, it is always when I am most busy that they come unbidden into my mind, notes, words, feelings, nuance of meaning and I am left scrambling to find paper and pen before it flows out into that vast sea again. Replete I am though, full with the silver moon, full with the frosted trees, full with the icy breath of winter and the pale twilight sky. Winter has its own beauty that is at once sharp and sweet. 

The EP is so close I can almost touch it within my mind. When everything pulls together there is such a feeling of completeness, that it is as if all the fibers of my being are exhaling together. That is how I am feeling these days...complete. The design is...well...lovely. Beautiful touches put in by Lea that really speak of growth and nature. I cannot wait to have it. Waiting seems to be the name of the game, but we are so so close. A few weeks and....~smile~



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