The light filters through the transparency of my eyelids, such that while I play, the sound mingles into the crimson warmth as I cannot help but turn to such hope and beauty. It is perhaps my most favorite way to play the piano, with the lifeblood beneath my eyes coloring the sound and visions that rest within a sunny winter morning. I forget about technique, I forget about the thousand little things I must do to maintain my voice, and just sing. I just play the notes that the warmth evokes from my fingers and the voice is silk within my throat, soft and supple, despite the fact that I have been sick. I think perhaps it is the no singing that puts me in a depressive mood when sick, it feels so much a part of me, that to spend a day without song to me is like spending a day without seeing. I can't interpret my day without music. 

So I am in a brilliant mood this morning, feed by practicing in the sun, eyes closed with the sound washing over me, bright as the morning. I was loathe to leave the piano at all, but did so to come to my email and what do I have in my inbox but a message from Kurt Leavins at Magic 99 in Edmonton saying that my song 'Light' has been added to their rotation for play. And that's it, the smile WILL not leave my face today, in spite of the congestion, and the generally "I am going to die" feeling that being sick leaves you with. Yea!



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