The seasons, the pass at a frightful rate, already the fall color has faded, and all that is left are the tall stacks of wheaty grasses, standing sentinels against the prairie sky. Every morning I walk, along the edge of the ravine behind my house where the aspens whisper their secrets on the wind, and the wolf willow guards, silver and strong. The sun is rising later and later each morning, so much so, that as I crested a hill this morning, I was surprised to feel its warm caress on my face. I close my eyes, and everything else melts away in this wonderful light. Light, illuminating the tan grasses, turning them golden. Light, filterning through the bare trees, already free of their leaves. Light, filling every fiber of my being, leaving no room for doubts, or sorrow or fear. Some days I think, this is the simple meaning of life. This light that flows through the veins, the cure, the answer, the mystery.

Light fills my thoughts these days, having just recorded two new songs entitled "Light" and "Twilight" respectively. Soon, any minute now, the masters will arrive, for me to greedily consume. I will let the notes wash over me like the light that inspired them, and just revel in this moment, this feeling of accomplishment, before even contemplating how much work is still left to do. I would like for them, as well as "The Juniper" and "The Birch's Lament" to form an EP, which I may entitle...."Light". We will see. I am anxious for them to come...I keep looking out the window for that FedEx truck, willing it to come soon, soon soon. Somehow that never works for me.

My voice, is changing....I can feel it. We are starting to understand one another, my voice and I. Like old friends we are becoming, and I am learning to relax into it's uniqueness. It is a good feeling. I am performing a couple of times this fall, for which I am happy. It's amazing to one day think to yourself "I am reaching some of the goals I have set, time to set new ones". What a delicious feeling! Each goal seems as if it is an impossiblity....and then one day you realize that you have made it! As a constant frustration to both my vocal coach and producer, I am sure, I seem to write songs that stretch my voice to its limits, and somewhat beyond. I don't control it, it just seems to happen...that is the song that wants to be sung. And although I realize that is perhaps not a good way to write songs, at the otherworldly limits of my voice, still I realize that it has helped me to grow. Songs that I couldn't sing a year or two ago, I can now with ease. something inside me pushes me to test my own limitations...and to perhaps push them a bit. What will my next goal be? And when will I look back and think "OMG, I did it?"



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