And so I sit here in a darkened room, with the haze of sleep heavy upon it, in Edmonton of all places. There is a feeling, when people sleep, a heaviness upon the space, as if time is indeed grains of sand. Time seems to sit suspended in the air, and I can feel the sleep all around me as if it were a physical substance in the air. I can always tell when people are sleeping in a house, in my car, around me without ever having to look and see the closed eyes, without having to hear the deep languid breath. I can always feel it, it is as real to me as the air I breath. Yes, the room feel deeply enmeshed with sleep, as the people in the room beside me sigh deeply and release the strands that keep the conscious in the day. And yet it is only 4:00 ~laugh~ I am tired as well....and can feel the pull of the bed and my eyes so desperately want to close and dream away the rest of the afternoon, but considering I have a gig in a few hours, I doubt that would be the wise course of action. So instead I sit at the computer screen with a cup of vanilla black tea beside me and an orange to perk me up a bit, to let the relentless tides of sleep pass me by this time. 

I stopped by the Bonnie Doon Hall today, to check out what was happening, the workshops, the vendors, and to just feel the whole event out. I gotta say, I am loving it. Very organic feeling, very wholistic. Even the hall itself, is nestled in a beautiful neighborhood lying beneath row upon row of poplar. The leaves have all turned and with each word the wind spoke today, they would gracefully flutter to the ground, sunny rain from the sky. I took some pictures, and sadly left my camera in the in a few hours I will upload them. I unloaded my gear and sat watching the birds play, the leaves dancing in the sky and the the kids filling the air with their joy as they ran around. favorite season. 

My gear is unloaded and ready to go, although I got to say that I am VERY thankful my new keyboard is only 30 lbs. It feels a whole lot heavier than that, and because I am an idiotically impatient person, I had to carry everything in one go. Ya...heavy. That might be partially why I am feeling a bit tired now ~laugh~ In just a few hours I go back, to sing my can't believe this is me. I am replete....

And pictures above...



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