They're here! They're here! And it's a beautiful (and somewhat terrifying) experience to behold a finished CD. Wow, I can't believe I made this. I can't believe this dream has manifested into a reality. Somehow though it feels natural, as natural as breathing as natural as walking up and stepping into the day from a nighttime of fantastically dreaming. I am stepping out of the night and into the day of this CD. And so I dive into publicity and trying to get the CD out as quickly as possible to radio stations and reviewers. It's time consuming and feels physically exhausting but emotionally exhilarating. The other day I was sitting on the couch stuffing envelopes while watching a show with my hubby. He turned to me and just looks at me long and hard and says "This, this is with these envelopes and CDs all around you, this is just an amazing moment". And you know, it felt amazing. 

The website is finished! While an ever evolving piece of work, the main work is finished and I am so thrilled it is up and running. I hope you all stop by and check it out.



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