Welcome to my website!  Music, to me is a story, an emotion released to the world. It is passion, it is nostalgia, it is sorrow, joy and exuberance. Music is the soundtrack of life. It comes from this deep well that hides within, melodies flowing almost as if they are hanging in stasis, waiting for someone to be their vessel. 

Music has always been a thread that has woven itself through my life. My mother tells me that I was humming and wordlessly "singing" before I could even speak and to this day I find my days filled with music. Sometimes silly, often whimsical, but always there, music is life.

Music is my journey. At times it is difficult, frustrating, at other times inspiring and uplifting. My hope is that my journey, in some way, resonates with you. As I evolve, so does my music, it is the story of my becoming. I chisel away at each layer, and at each stop find more and more of myself.



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